Enjoy Peace of Mind with a StoryBrand Certified Guide

Get a clear and compelling marketing message. We use the StoryBrand Framework to help you get more attention, get more leads and get peace of mind.




What is unclear messaging costing you?

  • A cluttered and distracting website
  • Complicated messaging that confuses customers
  • Lost and missed sales
  • Lost time and money on marketing that doesn't work
  • Lack of qualified leads
  • Loss of relevancy

You love the StoryBrand concept.

But being sold on the 7-Step Framework and putting it to work can be worlds apart.
I can help

Helpful Guidance

As a certified guide, fellow business owner, counselor, and local pastor, I've been helping people for quite a while. We will work together and guide you to realize your goals.

StoryBrand Experience

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide & Copyrighter, we will put all our training, experience, and know-how to work for you. So you can rest easy.

Professional Connections

I partner with a team of graphic designers, SEO experts, and other professionals who can help strategize and create anything we can dream up.

StoryBrand Your Marketing

We'll make StoryBrand work for your organization

  • 1


    I hate sales calls. You probably do too. So we'll just chat about what you need & what I do to determine if we're a match.

  • 2


    Out of our strategy sessions, we will develop a StoryBrand BrandScript that will serve as the guide for your organization. This will be the tool that will allow you to build marketing collateral that engages new audiences. If you like, we can build the collateral for you.

  • 3


    When your message is clear and compelling, more customers will buy from you - no matter what industry you're in.

Bart Leger at StoryMessage Creative
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You want qualified leads and more closed sales. At StoryMessage Creative I create effective websites and sales funnels that get your message heard and attract qualified leads.

Bart Leger - Owner, StoryMessage Creative

How are we different?

At StoryMessage Creative, we know you want to be confident your message is clear and compelling.

In order to do that, you need a StoryBrand Certified Guide to make sure your marketing message is as clear and compelling as it can be. The problem is you just can't seem to get your BrandScript quite right, which makes you feel frustrated and stressed out.

We believe you deserve marketing that engages customers and leaves you stress-free.

We understand that not everyone has the time or training to spend on crafting a brand message that works. I get it. Which is why I became a StoryBrand Certified Guide. We did this so we could take the stress out of getting your marketing to work for you.

Here's how we do it. 

Schedule a non-sales call
Get better words
Watch your business grow

So, schedule your call today. And in the meantime, download our "5 Simple Website Tweaks to Attract & Keep More Customers" PDF. So you can stop being overwhelmed with getting your brand messaging just right and instead enjoy peace of mind with stress-free marketing.

What Our Clients Say

What Do You Need?

  • A Website

    We build you a new, easy to manage WordPress website. We take it from start to finish including:

    Homepage & 4 internal pages
    Layout, copy, & wireframes
    Design & development
    Domain routing & launch
    Google analytics
    and more...

    Starting at: $3600

  • The Basics

    We will write a clear and engaging brand story that you can use as copy across all your marketing collateral.

    A clear brand message
    An elevator pitch

    Starting at: $1500

  • Basics Plus

    We will include everything in The Basics and provide copy you can use to revamp your website plus:

    Home page wireframe
    Lead Generating PDF

    Starting at: $5000

  • Full Sales Funnel

    We will provide everything included in The Basics and Basics Plus. In addition, we will write:

    Interior web page copy (4 pages)
    Email sales sequence (5 emails)

    Starting at: $10,000

solopreneur on a low budget coaching

On A Tight Budget?

Let's work together

Craft your Brand Messaging with the help of our coaching for as little as $500.

We created our coaching programs for business owners just like you. This way you can get expert advice for a fraction of the cost. And you can walk away with words that connect and engage your perfect customer.

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StoryBrand Certified

Thousands of businesses have trusted StoryBrand to help them clarify their message, revolutionize their marketing, and grow their business. That's why my approach is backed by the same marketing principles that are proven to take your organization to the next level.